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 Dr. Douglas Neckers is the McMaster Distinguished Research Professor emeritus of Photochemical Sciences at Bowling Green State University, and is the CEO of Spectra Group Limited and President of BioSolar-Green. In addition, Neckers serves on the Board of Directors and is the Henry T. King Fellow for the Robert Jackson Center.


Hans Wynberg and Hope College


In spring 1965, Prins Bernhard of the Netherlands visited Hope College in an event organized by Bill Wichers. Wichers was secretary of the Hope Board of Trustees, nephew of 6th Hope president Winant Wichers, and a special envoy for the Dutch ambassador in Holland, Michigan. One was never sure what that meant except that he made annual trips to the Netherlands during which he, among other things, bought the windmill that Holland has long admired called De Swaan. Bill had a number of friends across the Netherlands, and when we went there in 1968, he gave me a series of introduction letters. We used at least two of these, entertaining his Dutch friends for dinners on occasion.


Prins Bernhard managed to leave a scholarship at Hope for Dutch students. In fall 1966, the first Bernhard scholar arrived. His name was Johannes Huber.  Hans Wijnberg, professor of chemistry at the University of Groningen apparently knew Huber’s family and had something to do with Huber choosing Hope for a year. Hans was a Dutch Jew who had been sent to the United States in 1938 with his twin brother, Lewis, because their parents widely anticipated what became the Holocaust a year later. The Wijnbergs (spelled Wynberg in English) were hoteliers in Holland, and visible. So they were among the early targets of the Germans. All of Hans’ family perished during the war.


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Ohio's Young People Need Options Other Than College

A recent report rates American colleges and universities according to the starting salaries their graduates earn; the University of Toledo ranks No. 472, and Bowling Green State University No. 512. The typical UT graduate who leaves school with nearly $30,000 in student loan debt may question the value of that investment, even if he or she finds a job.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), who is running for president, has said that young people don’t need to attend college to gain essential job skills. But until high-quality alternatives to higher education become available, colleges will continue to fill their classrooms with people who shouldn’t be there.

Some spectacularly successful people never earned an undergraduate degree; Bill Gates of Microsoft and the late Steve Jobs of Apple come immediately to mind. Both proved themselves to be problem solvers who invented technological paradigms.

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Same Sex Marriage: Bourke and Beshear

President Clinton’s first official action in 1993 was to allow known homosexuals to serve in the military. Discussions of same sex marriage followed this, and 
have been on-going for years. The legality of these came to the court of highest decision, the Supreme Court, in 2014 and a decision was rendered by the
Court in late June, 2015.

On June 17, 2015, the founder of the Robert H. Jackson Center, in Jamestown, NY interviewed 2 of the plaintiffs in the case Bourke v. Beshear. These defendants
were from Kentucky and had been legally married in California before returning to Louisville to live a few years prior. On doing this, they found that many
rights that they had achieved in California were no longer valid in Kentucky. So they, with others, sued the State of Kentucky. This suit rose to the Supreme Court,
where the court found in a 5 to 4 decision for the plaintiffs, the lead of whom was Bourke, against the governor of Kentucky. Bourke and his partner had been
married in Ontario, Canada in 2004 and had raised children in Kentucky where they were not legally married.This granted the Bourke family all of the rights of
lawfully married couples.
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